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Giving birth is one of those moments in life that you wish you could re-live over and over again. Except when you're in labor and you promise you won't go through that ever again.

Having a specialist taking photos and video of that moment is the best way to get some precious memories.

 Your partner and your midwife can focus on their actual role during labor and delivery, while I do what I do. 

I will be that fly on the wall that makes sure to witness and respectfully document the entire -magical- process of bringing a baby into the world. If I'm working as a Doula as well, I will be you and your partner's support person, more hands on and more involved in the birthing process.

I'm committed to giving you a beautifully edited video and some breathtaking pictures.

That means only one extra person in the birthing room that can handle both things at a time (or three things, if you choose to have me as a Doula as well).

Let's talk. Tell me what would you like to remember. Let me know if you'd like a more raw or a more discreet perspective. Let's make a video for you to share with the world and one just for the privacy of the family.