I have had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl living in my home country of Argentina. Yes, I was that kid with the huge VHS family camera on school's field trips.

I have a hubby and three beautiful kiddos. I had 2 medicated hospital births first and then an unmedicated birth center birth.

I have an accent, of course. But that makes me cuter than I am. You can make fun of my accent, but Hey... I can speak two languages fluently!

I cry at EVERY.SINGLE.BIRTH. No, not cry like weep, but tears flow uncontrollably from my eyes each time a babe makes its entrance.

I'm a music geek. From Beatles to Bieber, everything in between. (Huge Pearl Jam fan though). 

My happy place is usually my car. Driving, singing LOUDLY and knowing places is my jam.

I'm pretty good at choosing gifts. Like really good. I'm known for having the lowest gift return rates in my city. I just made that up.

I'm funny. Not the kind of prankster funny. More like I-made-the- entire-room-laugh-with-a-joke funny.

I don't like adrenaline. Roller coasters, horror movies and extreme sports? No, thanks. Give me 1.000 seasons of Grey's Anatomy

and a huge pile of potato chips. 

That being said, the ONLY adrenaline I handle like a champ, is the one birth gives you. Somehow I ride the adrenaline wave with calm and great energy. Try me.

Oh and, yeah... I won Birth Videographer of the year 2022 and ended as a runner up for Birth Photographer of the year 2022. 

No biggie.