Birth photography only

Birth story in pics


From labor up to 2 hours postpartum, you'll get professional photos of the whole process.
You choose how much you want to see. Maybe you want to see the full miracle of birth, or maybe you prefer to focus on the emotions. Or maybe both!

Immediate postpartum only


You call me right after the birth and I'll get the first snuggles and that after birth magic.

Planned cesarean


Belly births are as beautiful and worth documenting. There's a special option for you.


Carissa - June 2023

Having Jacinta be apart of my birth was the best decision I could’ve made. Her presence and the way she treated her work was so gentle and loving. I couldn’t tell you when she was getting all the beautiful shots & footage she got because she did it so effortlessly. Never did I feel like I was being recorded or shot. It was just as intimate and peaceful as I imagined it would be. Oh and the end result I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful video & photo gallery if I tried.