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Tomás & Nina's birth story

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

My first birth story

My first birth story

It was not exactly how I expected to be. I couldn't even go into the operating room, because I didn't have time to ask or insist as it was an emergency C-Section.

It was very special, since the parents were Argentine, like me. It was also special because it was multiple births: twins, a boy, and a girl.

They were ready to meet their babies two weeks after I met them, but everything changed (as is often the case with births) and they decided to be born the next day.

It was a cold night and snow had already accumulated. Tomás and Nina left the belly of their mother, Melisa, to see the world that awaited them. His dad, Damian, did my job recording everything that happened. Recording the miracle of birth.

Tomás and Nina were received with great love by their grandmother, who patiently waited for the news in the waiting room.

Something that I will never forget is the admiration with which Damian looked at his wife, knowing how difficult the last time had been for her. Uncertainty, high blood pressure, fear of cesarean section, added to the fears and anxiety of any pregnant person. She is a hero. She went through it all with fear, but everything from her to become the mom she dreamed of.

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