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Tobin's birth story

A rainbow baby. A very desired baby. A baby whose family prayed so much to have. This is Tobin's birth story.

We met with Michael and Karyn on a beautiful summer afternoon. Their daughter, Olivia, greeted me. She told me in about 15 seconds how excited she was to be a big sister, how she believed the baby was a boy and that the baby did not have a name yet, cause Dad said "We have time to pick a name". She was the most amazing big sister I've met.

A couple of weeks later, Karyn started feeling some contractions, but it was still early labor, according to her midwife. I waited a couple hours, when Michael called me and said "It's go time". And it truly was go time. I rushed to the birth center to find Karyn laboring hard on the tub, her husband by her side, encouraging her and her midwife holding her hand. We all knew that the baby was soon to arrive.

After a few pushes, baby made it's entrance to the world. Dad found out it was a boy. A healthy, hairy, chubby boy. Mom greeted him saying "I love you" and "I love that sound" the moment she heard him cry.

The family was complete. Big sister came with grandma, excited to meet her new sibling. From then on, she didn't leave his side.

Welcome to this world little Tobin. Your birth is another moment I'll never forget.

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