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The healing power or birth documentary

Photos and videos of your birth can be the ultimate tool to process and heal the birthing experience.

Birth is unpredictable and intense. It can be everything you've ever dreamed of, it can be better than your wildest dreams or it can be different than you pictured. In any case, having your birth documented can be a powerful weapon to help you go through it over and over again, soaking all those details you missed, being a witness of your own life and even healing some wounds you might have gotten from that life changing experience.

People that have had traumatic births, due to obstetric violence, fetal distress, emergencies or resucitation often say they wished they had their birth documented in order to re-live it and heal any trauma they experienced.

Birth documentary is not to have "just in case something goes wrong". You never expect something to go wrong on your baby's birth. You imagine an amazing experience documented and you want to cherish it forever. You want to see what was your first reaction, your first word to your newborn, what the baby looked like when it came earthside, your partner's reaction, even the siblings meeting their new baby. All these moments are once in a lifetime things and trust me, you will want to re live them a thousand times.

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