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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

My first home birth

Now I was feeling anxious. A home birth was coming soon and I couldn't believe that I was going to share that magical moment with a family. One night in November, after a text message with the phrase "It's go time", I prepared myself for what would change my life and my perception of birth. I arrived at the house and from the door, you could already perceive the calm, the essential oils and the soft moans of a mother working hard to meet her third baby. There was DeEra, accompanied by her husband who caressed her gently and recited affirmations to give her strength. And there was an incredible team of women that supported her. That night I learned the importance of a Doula. I learned respect. I learned that there was a different kind of birth to the one I knew. I learned that the body is wise and has its times. I learned that only the pregnant person knows when it is time. And I learned that I would never be who I was again. Tahj was born in one push, guided by the strength of his mother, who roared to bring him into this world. And I returned home with a lot to think about, but much more to be thankful for.

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