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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Sofia's story is one of those stories that you tell everyone you know. The story of the delivery I was late for. Or rather, from the delivery to which the baby arrived early.

I woke up to a phone call. Only a woman could be heard moaning and panting on the call. And I knew I had to run, and that I would probably be late.

30 minutes later I entered the house, before the midwife and the Doula, and I found the scene that no birth photographer wants to find: Rosalie, the mother had already given birth and was lying with her baby in her arms, still in shock and with the placenta still inside her womb.

The Doula arrived to support the trembling and confused mom. Juan Carlos, the father, had received his baby in his hands. Jayce, the older brother, had witnessed the scene calmly and naturally. Fortunately for me, the mother, who had dreamed of the video of her birth, had recorded everything with her cell phone.

With my camera in hand, trying to recap a story that had started at the end, I set out to record the moment. Rosalie was still in shock. Her body was trying to catch up with the sudden experience. Her mind still did not understand that her baby had been born in a place where she did not want to give birth: the bathroom. Her heart is full of love.

It took a couple of hours to align body, mind, and heart to accept the experience. But that's what motherhood is all about: getting all the factors together to give rise to the greatest and most selfless love. Love to a child.

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