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Name That Name!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

When you are expecting a baby—especially your first—many arrangements must be made: choosing an OB/GYN, buying pregnancy clothes, preparing yourself mentally and emotionally, and purchasing all the items your home will need to accommodate an infant…. The list goes on!

One thing you won’t have to think about, however, is how or if you will preserve the wonderful memories from the actual blessed event. But rest assured that you can leave that part to Jacinta Lagos. She will record you and your baby’s birth story so the celebration can last forever.

One of the decisions you will have to make about your baby is among the most important: what to name him or her. Choosing the name can be a tricky determination, to say the least. How will it sound with her last name? What nicknames could you make out of it? Is it unique? Is it fun, but not too silly? Millions of parents toy with these questions every day.

With that in mind, here are some lists to get you started. The order of the names is as of 2019.

The top 30 names for girls.

  1. Isla

  2. Olivia

  3. Aurora

  4. Ada

  5. Charlotte

  6. Amara

  7. Maeve

  8. Cora

  9. Amelia

  10. Posie

  11. Luna

  12. Ophelia

  13. Ava

  14. Rose

  15. Eleanor

  16. Genevieve

  17. Alice

  18. Elodie

  19. Lucy

  20. Ivy

  21. Evelyn

  22. Astrid

  23. Freya

  24. Anna

  25. Iris

  26. Mia

  27. Violet

  28. Eloise

  29. Aurelia

  30. Thea

The top 30 names for boys.

  1. Archie

  2. Milo

  3. Asher

  4. Jasper

  5. Silas

  6. Theodore

  7. Atticus

  8. Jack

  9. Aarav

  10. Finn

  11. Oliver

  12. Felix

  13. Henry

  14. Wyatt

  15. Aryan

  16. Leo

  17. Oscar

  18. Levi

  19. Ethan

  20. James

  21. Julian

  22. Arthur

  23. Ezra

  24. Theo

  25. Eli

  26. Aaron

  27. Liam

  28. Bodhi

  29. Jude

  30. Soren

Feel free to get ahold of Jacinta by phone (262-497-7800) or email ( She looks forward to talking to you about how she can preserve your precious memory!

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