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As read on this little big sister's shirt "Tiny Doula", kids can be great partners during labor and birth. Nope, I'm not crazy.

Making children aware of what's the deal with their siblings coming into the world can be super helpful for them to take it naturally and accepting the fact that siblings ARE coming.

Let's be honest: watching random stuff on YouTube on an IPad can't be better than witnessing the most natural thing in the worl. I know that there's blood involved, screaming and seeing your parents in pain or crying can't be something easy to process when you're young, but that can become "normal" by talking to them, showing videos, teaching them about the amazing human body. Let's help our future generations to normalize childbirth. Let's teach them with the example. Let's not hide from them while giving birth. Let's offer them the possibility to choose if they want to be around or not. Not forcing them to watch or not, just being honest about what will happen during labor and delivery.

Children are the future, so I believe by normalizing birth they will build a better, safer and back to basics world.

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