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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Tiffany called me when she was 39 weeks pregnant to invite me to the birth of her baby. How could I refuse? It was my first experience at a birth center. Just a few days later, she called me to tell me that it was time to meet the new member.

We met at Authentic Birth Center on a cold February afternoon. She breathed through each wave. She didn't say much, as she was only focused on what was happening in her body. Her baby's dad was by her side, giving her support and encouragement.

Dim lights, stars in the ceiling, a bathtub ready to receive the woman who was going to give birth to a new member of the world.

Once again, a wonderful team of women who, without intervening, without judging and providing positive energy, accompanied Tiffany in her most special moment.

Inside the bathtub, she knew what to do. Her body dictated, her baby decided, and she just accepted. And there was Khalil. Dad cried in relief and joy. His name was chosen moments after his arrival in the world. His parents stared at him in awe.

I am grateful. Convinced that what I was doing at that time and in that place was my passion and it would be, later on, my contribution to making the world a better place, one birth at a time.

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