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Updated: Oct 27

When I was starting in this business, I wanted to reach out to as many midwives as possible, introduce myself and offer them my services. Some of the people I reached never answered. Some answered in a pretty rude way. Some of them were very kind and opened their arms to me. Now I want to make it easier for people looking for a -great- midwife in this area. I personally know most of these amazing women and I have been lucky enough to work with many of them (or even having one of them as my own midwife!).

Meet the amazing midwives serving Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin.

Jessica McCoy Siczkowycz

7 birds Midwifery

Email: jessica.siczkowycz@gmail.com

Phone number: (262) 903 3912

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

Sabrina Foulks-Thomas

Birth in color Midwifery

Email: office.birthincolor@gmail.com

Phone number: (612) 237 2746

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

Fiona George

Authentic Birth Center

Email: midwifefiona@authenticbirthcenter.com

Phone number: (414) 231 9640

Photo: Caitlin Wyse

Chelsey Isaacson

Celestial Midwifery

Email: chelsey@celestialmidwifery.com

Phone number: (414) 231 9640

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

Erin O'Day

Mama Moon Midwifery

Email: erin@mamamoonmidwifery.com

Phone number: (262) 352 4852

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

LaNette McQuitty

Authentic Birth Center

Email: midwifelanette@authenticbirthcenter.com

Phone number: (414) 231 9640

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

Andrea Hebamme

Stateline Midwives

Email: Andrea@statelinemidwives.com

Phone number: (773) 964 6096

Photo: Jacinta Lagos

Hanna Camarena

Midwifery & Birth services

Email: Johannacamarenamidwife@gmail.com

Phone number: (920) 312 9087

Photo: courtesy of Hanna Camarena

Lucky Tomaszek

Transitions Birth Services

Email: transitionsbirth@gmail.com

Photo: courtesy of Lucky Tomaszek

Anja Farin, LLC

Email: anja@anjafarin.com

Phone number: (262) 682 3803

Photo: courtesy of Anja Farin

Kova Brown

Baby Love Midwife Services

Email: babylovemidwife@gmail.com

Phone number: (414) 405 5535

Photo: courtesy of Kova Brown

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