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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Anthony was due to be born on the last day of the year, but decided to arrive a few days early. Her mom called me on December 19, around 6 am, to tell me she was in active labor. Fortunately, her house, where she was having her baby was only 3 minutes away from my home. I got everything ready and went to her home. Her midwife arrived a few minutes after me. Alicia was working quietly, knowing that each contraction brought her a little closer to meeting her rainbow baby. Her husband Joe accompanied her with calm and admiration. His oldest son was already awake, eager to meet his baby brother. Her daughter slept, unaware of the miracle that was about to happen on that cold December morning.

The hours passed and the intensity of the waves grew. Alicia kept working very hard to get her baby to come down and decide to go out and meet her family.

When Alicia believed that she would not be able to continue, the moment came when her body took control and Anthony left her body. Covered in vernix and with a calmed look in his eyes, he emerged from the water to give relief to his mother and make his father cry with happiness.

His grandmother and siblings soon entered the room to see what the one they had imagined and dreamed of looked like.

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