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A Doula is a non judgemental companion for the birthing person,
as well for the partner and the family.

As a Doula, I don't provide any medical care but I'll make sure you go through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum with confidence, support, calm, information and most of all, love.

The company of a dedicated person during these special moments in life
will make the whole experience a lot better.

It doesn't matter if it's a natural birth, medicated or unmedicated, cesarean birth, home birth or hospital birth. A Doula will know how to help you
in any situation.

A Doulatog is a doula that gets the most beautiful memories while supporting you. These memories are photos and video from your maternity, labor, birth and postpartum.

Yeap, I can do all of that at the same time.


Paz (33).jpg

"Since the first moment, Jacinta showed being a really sensitive person, always doing her best and making me fell more confortable and confindent that everything would gona be alright. In addition, she has the videographer Background “plus” that, for me , who was looking for just pictures at the beginning, it was the best part! She was here everytime I needed her. Her calm and at the same moment active posture as Doula made me fell really better. " 

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